Could a family Business consultant help you?

Family Business consultants are uniquely qualified and trained to work with the family ‘system’. It is this element that is unique to family owned businesses and it is this that is often missed or misunderstood by traditional professional services firms.

Family businesses are collectively unique. Whilst the personalities are different in each business, the challenges faced are common. We often hear that families do not know who to turn to in difficult or challenging times and they find that their legal or financial advisers are not able to fully deal with these. This is where we can help.

We provide non-judgemental consulting support to help you overcome challenges such as:

– Succession Planning

– Sibling Rivalry

– Ownership transition

– Management Transition

– Change management

– Spousal partnerships

– Communication and Conflict

All family businesses go through periods of transition when big decisions have to be made. These are challenging times, but they are also moments of opportunity – when underlying issues can be resolved and the business and the family can move forward.

Most families in business understand the need to act with confidence when things get tough, but because many complex family issues can lie beneath the surface of everyday life, it may be difficult to determine the best way forward.

We can help.  

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…I just find myself agreeing and nodding with the discussions. It sounds like so many of the factors I’ve been grappling with over the last 5 years are very common. I wish I had found you sooner and glad you are able to assist us.

James – 3rd Gen Family Member

How we can help


Governance is a broad subject and is often held out as the solution to all challenges faced in a family business. We will guide you through what options you have and which are relevant to your objectives.

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You will know that working with family comes with its benefits and drawbacks and the effective management of family dynamics is a key determinate in the success of the family and the business.


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Succession planning is an area that is very commonly neglected in family businesses and it needn’t be as intimidating as you think. We can guide you through this process with care and purpose.

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Are we right for you?

Who we work best with

– Family Owned Businesses; typically those facing transitions such as succession planning.

– Integration of Non-Family Management teams into the family business

– Families facing the challenges of being in business together.

Who we don’t work with

– Non-Family Businesses

– Those that aren’t willing to engage in the process

– Individuals. We work with the family system and listen to all voices.

– People who simply want us to tell their family what to do.

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“They have taken the time to really get to know us as individuals and have taught us about a number of processes, combining research they have obtained as well as their own experiences and knowledge. They also used an approach that encouraged us to think for ourselves; therefore aiding us to problem solve and believe in our own thoughts and ideas for our business.”

Katie Business Owner

“I was sceptical that any consultants would be able to help, but was sufficiently concerned about the effectiveness of the leadership of our business to be prepared to suspend my concerns and I am delighted that I did.”

Iain Company Director

“We wish to thank you very much for all your help with this and know that things would not be where they are had it not been for your help, We really did not know which way to turn before we contacted you. Things are much better for us now”

Frank and Sandra Business Owners