Succession Planning: How to start

Succession Planning

In our last blog we looked at when to start your succession planning and the overwhelming conclusion (that we made) was that now was a pretty good time. There will be challenges, but the sooner you face them the sooner you will overcome them. “That’s all very well” I hear you proclaim, “but it’s no […]

Succession Planning: When to start

We are often asked ‘When is the best time to start succession planning?’ and typically our answer is ‘a long time ago’! More often than not the issue of succession planning is ignored and then only dealt with at a pain point such as the sudden death or a diagnosis of poor health of the […]

Succession Planning: Why is it so complex?

Succession Planning

Succession Planning is one of the biggest challenges facing Family Businesses worldwide today. Over the past 40 years or so there have been some significant advances in how advice is given to families in business, and yet we still see statistics and studies that show that, in general, succession planning or business continuity planning is […]