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What is Family Business Consultancy?

Family Businesses are unique, they enjoy an additional layer of complexity when compared to non-family businesses due to the involvement of a family ‘system’. 


We specifically work with the family system, to help you to understand the complexities and find solutions to them. 

Are you Business Consultants / Coaches?

No. These tend to focus on the business itself and whilst our work will benefit the business overall, we are specifically trained and qualified to work with the family to help them to be better in business and overcome challenges. 

For example, a business coach may encourage you to cut costs, increase margins and prices. 

We will encourage dialogue and create the safe space needed to progress. 

How much do you charge?

We work on a day rate basis and we work in pairs. This has a number of advantages to you as a client. You benefit from both our individual and collective expertise and we are able to be more efficient this way too. 

Our day rates are £1,500 +VAT, this covers both consultants. 

We will agree a fee with you for each stage of our process prior to each stage commencing. The complexity of your circumstances and the size of your business will influence how many days are needed for each stage but we will discuss and agree this with you. 


How long does it take?

Cliche time! How long is a piece of string? 

This really does depend on the complexity and size of your business. It also depends on what elements you would like us to be involved with. 

We can come in and provide an assessment and then you act on our findings without further assistance, in which case it may be a few days or weeks. In other circumstances we may work with you over months or years. 

The important thing to consider here is that we work with you for as long as you need us to. We do not dictate this, it is driven by you. 

What qualifies you to do this work?

Collectively we have over 50 years worth of experience in working with family owned businesses of all shapes sizes.

We have worked in the UK and across the globe and we all hold the Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising, issued by the Family Firm Institute. 

We created the first Masters programme in the UK (possibly the world) in Family Business and are amongst the most experienced family business consultants in the world.

There isn’t much in the world of family business we haven’t seen. 

We are also regular speakers at global family business conferences.

My family are unique, are you sure you can help?

Whilst your family may be unique, the challenges that you will face by being in business together are common. 

One of the most common assumptions is, that due to the uniqueness of the characters within your family, there is no way an adviser could possibly help. 

We have the training, qualifications and tools to help you and if you are experiencing challenges within your business we would encourage you to get in touch for an initial chat.  

How do I convince my family to work with you?

Don’t! For our work to be effective, all those within the family system need to want for us to be there.

Some may have doubts, some may not be willing to do the work that may be required to affect change but we cannot force that. 

We would hope that if there is at least an acknowledgement that some assistance is required that by meeting with us and chatting to us that we could reassure them over any doubts they might have. 

It can sometimes be months or even years between our initial contact and our work beginning, this is fine. We will not pressure you into working with us if you are not ready to do so. But, we are here for when you are. 

How do we get started?

Get in touch. We are happy to chat with you over the phone or via Zoom / Skype for as long as you need to find out if we are right for you. If we are we would love to come and see you at your business to discuss how we can help in more detail and to meet you all. 

Once you are ready to go ahead it is a case of aligning diaries and getting started. 


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