We work collaboratively with you, helping and supporting you through times of transition

Each engagement is varied and tailored to the unique circumstances of your family and business, with the goal of achieving success as defined by you.

Our work uses a conversational consulting model and is based on hearing each individuals story and giving reflective and actionable feedback. Our work is not prescriptive or judgemental and seeks to ensure every key stakeholder has their voice heard.

Whilst each engagement is varied and tailored, we follow a four stage process to help you to understand what is needed in order to achieve a successful outcome.

We listen to everyone

Feeling heard is important and so we ensure that everyones’ voice is heard. We listen so that we can understand your current situation and help you through it.

We create conversation

Many situations within a family business are a result of a lack of communication. Our consultancy process creates dialogue in a safe environment.

We help you get back on track

It is very common to feel lost or to not know where to turn when there is tension in the family business. We are here to help you in this situation.

It’s good to talk

Contact us today for an initial consultation at no cost to you. We can have a conversation over the phone, on Zoom / Skype or in person, and if we can help we will say so, if we can’t help, we will also say so.

We would love to hear from you so please feel free to get in touch.